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The Souvenir

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The Souvenir Full Movie Download in Imbd magnet is available now. The last year, on May 17th, 2019, a new Hollywood movie was released called The SouvenirWe who are movie lovers all over the world have been waiting for the release of new Hollywood movies every year. And every year the Hollywood industry releases a variety of action movies, dramas, comedies, comedy movies, romantic movies, adventure movies, entertainment movies, and horror movies, and most of the movies win the hearts of movie lovers all over the world like us. Just like that, a Hollywood romantic movie was released on October 18 last year and the name of the movie is The SouvenirThe movie has received a good response at the box office since its release and there are many people who are eager to see this movie again and again. There are many people who are trying to download this movie from various online websites at home but it is not possible to download this movie from all types of websites. There are some special online websites from which we can download this movie with good video quality and good audio quality. So, the name of the websites is,,, and

The Souvenir

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The Souvenir

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In the last year 2019, the most running successful Hindi movie is The Souvenir. We all know that its box office was 1.7 million. I think many people already seen this movie. But I know that a huge percentage of people are not watched this movie. But now tamilrockers, Torrent already leaked this movie after releasing this movie within a few days. The name of the websites is and

The Souvenir

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Directed by: Joanna Hogg

Produced by:  Joanna Hogg, Luke Schiller

Written by: Joanna Hogg

Starring:  Honor Swinton Byrne, Tom Burke, Tilda Swinton

Cinematography: David Raedeker

Edited by: Helle Le Fevre

Release date: January 27, 2019 (Sundance), May 17, 2019 (United States), August 30, 2019 (United Kingdom)

Running time: 119 minutes

Country:  United States, United Kingdom

Language: English

Box office: $1.7 million

The Souvenir

The Souvenir Movie Review


A film student named Julie wants to make a movie about a boy, his mother, and their lives in Sunderland. He lives in an apartment with another student and his girlfriend. She met Anthony, she was doing a good job working in an overseas office, she left with her roommate after leaving. He put a postcard with a photo of a girl in “The memory”. Later he took her to the gallery where the painting hangs. Julie says that the girl looks bad, again Anthony says that she looks strong. Anthony had to travel to Paris but returned with underwear that told Julie to put on. While they were in bed, he noticed some needle marks on his arm, but he didn’t know what they were and he kept asking Julie for money. Julie begins to pay the bills for her restaurants and is forced to borrow money from her parents. Julie and Anthony dined with two of Anthony’s friends, who revealed to Julie at one point that Anthony was a regular heroin user. Julie is disappointed, but nothing is mentioned about Anthony. Anthony Harrods explained about eating that he had an affair with three other daughters, with at least one of them traveling to Venice, who appears to have committed suicide while traveling. He invited Julie to go to Venice with him.

The Souvenir


One night, he broke into her apartment and her valuable jewelry is missing. Later, during a trip to Venice, Anthony admitted having done so but did not tell him not to feel bad. Julie is upset, but Anthony manages to convince her that he has enough reasons to do so, although he does not explain it in detail, insisting that it is related to work and not to his heroin addiction. Julie Anthony begins to notice when she takes heroin and joins a self-help group. She starts to look at him a little, but doubts herself and manipulates him and makes him blink. She begins to take responsibility for her addiction. One night, Julie returns to her house and finds a strange man in her apartment to whom Anthony must have yielded. He also contracted an illness from what was revealed to Anthony. When she finally discovers that she was arrested, Julie tells Anthony to leave. Julie happily begins reuniting with her friends and teachers after the breakup. Anthony’s mother continues to call Barbara Julie to look for him. They meet again, and Anthony was clean enough for Julie to return to him even though he soon tried to get back in front of her. Soon, he started using it again. Anthony is missing but was later found dead after being used in a public bathroom.

The Souvenir

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The Souvenir

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