Electronic Door Lock System | TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock

Electronic Door Lock System

Electronic Door Lock System Price:

Electronic Door Lock System price is $150 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs10714.13 Indian Rupee. It also called TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock.

TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock


Electronic Door Lock System Introductions

The gadget that we will discuss today is actually a smart electronic door lock gadget in the current world, the number of burglaries – the number of thefts from home has increased tremendously. The furniture is stolen from the house by breaking the lock, but today we are so sophisticated Smart Door Lock is a tool we will discuss the different nature from the other door lock. The reason is that this smart door lock can actually be opened through a mobile phone and we can only open that rare door by connecting it to our smartphone with Sensor. so let’s know some details about this gadget. And the name of the gadget is Electronic Door Lock System with TTlock App Security

Electronic Door Lock System

TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock Specifications

Technical Specification

  1. Material: stainless steel
  2. Panel Sizes: L 2306(mm)*W 75(mm)
  3. Available color: Black, Silver, Red bronze
  4. Unlock method: Bluetooth App, M1 Card, Passcode, Wristband or key
  5. Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 above
  6. App name: TT lock
  7. Support system: IOS7.0 or Android 4.4 or above
  8. Power supply: DC6V, 4pcs alkaline batteries
  9. Batteries life: 10000 times normal open
  10. Static current: 45Ua
  11. Unlock time: 1-1.5 seconds
  12. Dynamic current: <200Ma

TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock Features

Intelligent management of applications that support multiple languages ​​such as Chinese (simplified and traditional), English and Spanish. More languages ​​will be supported in the future. Remote control, wrong password to prevent unlimited distance pee. Multiple unlocking methods. Multiple password forms.  Anti-theft critics. Perfect design, sensitive, one-click multi-use, multi-lock control.

TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock

Application intelligent management unlocking fingerprint unlocks, time-limited password unlocking, password unlock, Bluetooth unlocks, IC card unlock, key unlock and many ways to unlock, convenient and fast, don’t worry about key damage Can’t open door. The mobile app can be intelligently managed, remotely send passwords, unlimited distances, single passwords to passwords, time-limited passwords, recurring passwords, permanent passwords, a set of locks to meet all your requirements so you can easily manage your lock. Seiko free handle, ergonomic design, this design effectively protects the mechanical parts inside the locked body from being seriously damaged. Android’s external power socket is designed to use an external power supply to unlock the door when the lock on the door is insufficient.

Electronic Door Lock System




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